Professor Lee C. Bassett

Lee’s research in quantum engineering is geared towards understanding and controlling the nanoscale quantum properties of charge, spin, and light in semiconductor materials towards the development of future quantum technologies. Potential applications of these systems include quantum computing, secure communication networks, probing and designing new materials, and the development of optical sensors for measuring nanoscale dynamics in biological systems.

Lee grew up outside Philadelphia, and he received a BS in physics from the Pennsylvania State University in 2004.  He then traveled to the United Kingdom as a Marshall Scholar and NSF graduate research fellow to complete the MASt in mathematics (Part III) from the University of Cambridge (2005), followed by a PhD in physics (2009), the latter for his research on low temperature quantum electronics in III/V semiconductor devices. From 2009-2013 he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he studied the coherent optical and spin dynamics of single spins in diamond.